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Get your website noticed with visually powerful, Hi-IMPACT Ads, that grab your readers' attention, draw them into your offer, and compel them to whip out their credit cards!

Free mailer, Free ads, Hi-impact.
We advertise for you!


From the desk of Phil Basten

Every day my partner Jane and I get emails from members begging us to recommend our favorite advertising sites.

There are literally thousands of these on the web, but many are either too expensive for the little guy, or those that are affordable don't produce consistent results.

That's when we decided to create Credit-Ads Depot (CAD).

So what is CAD?

How does it Work?

What makes it highly effective?

Let's take a quick look at some of the key benefits...

  • Hi-Impact Ads...

    These are ads that slide-in on CAD affiliate websites and on the generic home page. You see these ads when you first arrive at this page. You can't miss them! They rotate throughout the CAD network.

    When a visitor arrives at the home page and clicks on a Hi-Impact Ad, the owner of that ad earns random credits. To see how it works simply refresh this page and you should see a different Hi-Impact Ad.

  • Prominent Text Ads...

    All members, free, monthly, and lifetime, get 2 small text ads that rotate on the first page after members log in... on select pages in the members area... on this page at the bottom... and on participating sites that add our code to their websites.

    These are highly-visible ads that members click on to earn credits, which means they must go to your website and view it for 20 seconds to earn credits.

    These ads rotate randomly on all sites in the network and on partcipating websites which means your visually powerful ads could be seen by thousands of new prospects every month. All ads earn credits for members when clicked on.

  • Members Contact Mailer...

    Your email offers go direct to members' contact signup addresses (addresses they check regularly). This is like sending a solo ad to your own list. CAD emails get opened because there is an earn-credits link in each members' mailing.

  • Downline List Builder...

    One of the hardest things our members tell us they face is building a list they can mail to. The sad part is that most people struggle to sponsor more than two or three people. We have eliminated that struggle with our downline list builder.

    All members can build a list five levels deep and mail to it. Now you can have an army of affiliates working for you to help you build your list.

  • Multiple Income Streams...

    As a CAD member you have the ability to earn income from multiple sources. The programs we recommend are proven money makers and will help you create extra income streams.

  • Fast Commission Payouts...

    Many sites on the web pay commissions every 30, 45 or 60 days but many people can't afford to wait that long. At CAD we pay commissions after the payment clears, usually weekly. No more waiting; no more delays!

    These are not measly commissions either...

    Free members earn 20%, monthly pro members earn 25% and lifetime platinum members earn 40% commissions. That means you can earn between $45.40 and $90.80 per lifetime membership sale.

  • Credits Exchange...

    At CAD you can earn credits by clicking on small text ads that appear on the main site, in the members area, and on participating websites owned by members. Credits can also be earned by reading emails and sponsoring new members, free or paid. Plus if a visitor to your CAD affiliate site clicks on a Hi-Impact Ad then the owner of that ad earns credits.

    CAD credits can be exchanged for two additional text ads and to keep these ads running on the network each month, and as an upgraded member you can use them to send your offers to your downline or a random list of members depending on the member level you join at. (see member level descriptions below).

    You can exchange these credits with our sister site Free-Ad Depot and use them to post text-ads, banner ads and exit pop ads, or email members if you are a pro member of FAD.

  • Free members...

    1. Get 2 small prominent text ads
    2. Email downline members weekly using credits you earn
    3. Earn commissions 20% on membership sales and paid mailing sales

  • Pro Monthly Members...

    1. Get 2 small prominent text ads
    2. Email downline members weekly using credits you earn
    3. Or, email up to 1,000 random members weekly using credits you earn
    4. Earn 30% commissions on membership sales and paid mailing sales

  • Platinum Lifetime Members...

    1. Get 2 small hi-lighted text ads
    2. Get 2 Hi-Impact slide-in ads
    3. Email downline members every 5 days using credits you earn
    4. Email 5,000 random members every 5 days using credits you earn
    5. Earn 40% Commissions on membership sales and paid mailing sales
    6. We advertise for all lifetime members.
        You can get signups and sales just through our advertising efforts.

Here's how you signup...

  1. You signup free.

  2. You will see a one-time-offer.

  3. If you choose the one time offer you simply pay for your membership and you will be taken to a page where you enter your two text ads. You can then add your two Hi-Impact Ads in your member area and gain access to the members' mailer.

  4. If you pass up the one-time offer you will be taken to the page where you enter your two text ads and you continue with your free signup.

Click here to signup now...

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