About Us

Ashadeep Sr. Sec. School believes in holistic development of its learners. It stands by its commitment to excel in education through active involvement in the teaching-learning process, provision of nurturing intelligences, nourishing talents and opportunities to strengthen their potentials, and creation of programs to match their learning styles for academics, abilities and achievements. . Ashadeep Sr. Sec. School is designed to meet the unique needs of every learner in the continuing transition for students. The educational environment of the school is directed towards stimulating students to reach for new experiences and understandings. We encourage students to become responsible decision-makers. Students are also encouraged to develop strategies & skills for problem solving and to apply self-discipline in everyday situations. The Ashadeep Sr. Sec. Staff strives to provide an atmosphere where the diverse groups can share their strengths and enhance mutual understanding which is further enriched with frequent contact between parents and educators.