WHIZ MEDICAL INC. is a healthcare organization specializing in the delivery of innovative medical technologies, supplies and equipment to hospitals and medical clinics for over 15 years. In addition we provide nutritional and supplemental products for weight conscious patients and high performance athletes.

  • Surgical Robotics

    Learn more about how the WHIZ MEDICAL INC® surgical system can help you and your institution.

  • Simulation

    Our simulators vary from full body, to partial body, tetherless, and tethered to accommodate every and any need.

  • Supplies and Equipment

    Learn more about the extensive variety of medical equipment and supplies from leading manufacturers and Polymed's own private label brands.

  • Surgical Products

    Innovative surgical devices, O.R. disposables, hospital equipment, and more.

  • Weight Management

    Looking for high protein nutritional bars and shakes? We offer a great variety of snacks and drinks with 15g of protein per serving.